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10 Myths on Android App Development Uncovered By Android App Developers

Android App Development For Businesses

Having a functional mobile application for a business is the modern rule to have heightened business growth. Because it is the best possible way to make your business reachable to a wider set of audiences. Some of the reasons why you should have a mobile application for your business are as follows,

  • Mobile apps improve business reach and efficiency
  • Job management will be made easier to handle
  • Optimizes field services
  • Supports real-time data sharing
  • Provides solutions that pave the way for opening new business insights

All these benefits and the streamlined work processes have brought mobile application development a highly demanding entity for enterprises. If you are looking for an Android App Development Company in Chennai, there are some myths and facts about Android app development that you should know beforehand and get clear about. 

Finding Android app developers in Chennai wouldn’t be a problem since there are a lot of expert developers and development companies available in Chennai. All you have to do is match their protocols and strategies to find out if that company fits your business goals.

Here, let us uncover some of the common myths about Android app development that businesses take into serious consideration and even step back from the idea to create a mobile application.  Every sector and every development has its own set of myths. It is just about how you handle it and which Android app development company in Chennai you choose to partner with. Let us get rolling!

10 Myths on Android App Development

#Myth 1

Android app development is just coding

This is a completely wrong perception since app development goes way beyond just coding. The development team must be aware of the app’s needs, design and wireframe the application first, develop the user interface, look into features and functionalities to be integrated, the app’s underlying architecture, framework, or tech tools to be made use of, and many more. Also, the developers and the expert team must know the current market trends and the tech advancements up-to-date. The Android application’s stakeholders, working model, collaboration ideas, and everything else must be planned and executed.

So, Android app development is definitely not just coding.

#Myth 2

Android app development is costly

Any Android application development company in Chennai will decide upon the app cost based on a set of parameters such as requirements, customization level, development time, complexities involved, developer hiring cost, and other similar factors. It cannot be simply put into a statement that it is costly in a generic way because it is not. 

The factors on which the app development cost is estimated solely depend on the aforementioned aspects and entirely depend on the feature complications.

#Myth 3

Mobile apps are not safe

Technology is evolving each day. So are the security mechanisms and tools. Android app developers in Chennai make sure to keep the developed application a safe and secure environment and tamper-proof in order to keep users’ data secure. Especially with the emergence of some disruptive technologies such as Blockchain, app security inculcation has become a cakewalk.

Unless there is some issue with app development, there is no such thing as mobile applications are not safe.

#Myth 4

User interface and graphics increase app users

If you are about to choose the best-looking app or visually pleasing app interface developers, that is the biggest mistake you can make. Of course, design and attractive interface is important for android app development but at the same time, it is not all. There are a lot more things that have to be in place such as the features must satisfy customer expectations, functionalities must reflect current trends, app’s purpose and usage must be fulfilled, etc., 

Thus, design and an impressive UI are important but it is not the only aspect to look into.

#Myth 5

ASO gives huge traffic

The app store comprises around 2 million applications. Making it to the top 50 or the top 10 is not an easy task. It is necessary to understand that even with app store optimization, it is not the application that generates traffic. It is the way you present your application to the world masses. Instead of believing that ASO will help you generate traffic for your android app, you can target devising marketing strategies, segmenting customers, and much more.

The above-mentioned is exactly what you have to do to accelerate your app traffic.

#Myth 6

Once the app is downloaded, it will be regularly used

Your applications can have a million downloads. But that doesn’t mean they use it regularly. The number of active users will be low compared to the number of downloads. Only when they revisit your application, your app engagement will increase. For instance, let’s say we have 20 applications on our Android phones. Only 5 among them will be used by us regularly. So, the others? They just sit on your phone for no use. That is how your application shouldn’t be. 

App download doesn’t mean your app is used regularly. You have to develop it in such a way that your Android app becomes a part of people’s lives.

#Myth 7

Android applications help you earn money quickly and easily

Definitely not. It makes no sense to expect to profit from your app as soon as the customers download it. It takes baby steps to achieve it. First, you have to start your application as a free download. Once your customers get to know about your android app, then you can provide a subscription to your app, or in-app payment for extra services. Only then your app can become popular and successful.

Earning doesn’t happen the second you launch your application. It takes time.

#Myth 8

The app idea is all you need

This is similar to where we thought good design is enough. The app idea is essential but it is not the only essential. You need to do a feasibility study, look into factors of convenience, seek attention, target audience, and others. 

Before ideating and defining opportunities, a feasibility check must be done.

#Myth 9

More the features, greater the app success

The success of an android application depends on offering a limited number of features satisfying all customer needs aligning with the market. The user needs are high but that doesn’t mean if you have a lot of features imparted, the problem will be solved. 

The more meaningful and fulfilling the features are, the greater the app’s success.

#Myth 10

Android app developed must be complex

There is a disbelief that the developed application must be complex enough. But the actual idea is to keep it basic so that it is accessible by all levels of users. Have a simpler version in the initial stage and then slowly instigate new features. A heap of complex feature addition does no good to the application. 

Choose the android app development company in Chennai that builds the right app for you with the right set of simple features.

Final Words

So, these are the myths and concerns that are keeping businesses away from benefiting from android app development, and hope you get an idea of how it actually works. Your next step is to settle for the best android app developers in Chennai and Pyramidion Solutions can be your go-to option. Our experienced developers know exactly what to consider before getting into android app development right away. Our experts guide you to bring about the best business approach and strategies that help you arrive at an android application that accurately fits your needs. Connect with our expert team and let’s talk business!

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