Best SharePoint Migration tools to consider
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Best SharePoint Migration Tools to Consider for your Business

There are a number of SharePoint Migration tools in the market, which means choosing the best tool that is in sync with your specific needs and requirements could be overwhelming at times. SharePoint, a collaborative Office 365 application, which debuted in 2001, is available for on-premises as well as cloud-based deployment. One important thing to note here is that organizations that have been using SharePoint for a long are facing the problem of having accumulated a staggering amount of on-premise data. Transferring this mammoth amount of data to Microsoft Cloud makes a lot of sense as apart from cheaper maintenance, it also offers easier access to the data. 

However, one important thing to keep in mind is that choosing a tool based on criteria such as cost, positive reviews or any other such aspects is generally not recommended by experts. The reason for it is pretty straightforward: specific tools are better suited for specific challenges. The best way forward is to hire the services of a good SharePoint Development company, as a good firm with all the resources and expertise could help you compare different SharePoint migration tools so that you can choose one best suited for your purpose. 

To make matters easier for you, here we list some of the best migration tools, and what features they contain that make them a preferable choice for businesses interested in moving their data to the cloud. The tools included in the list are chosen based on important parameters such as cost, ease of use, migration features and efficiency to name a few. We shall also see as to how hiring a quality provider of SharePoint Development Services can make your migration task much easier, and cost-effective.

ShareGate Desktop

A well-established migration tool, ShareGate possess the ability to perform both on-premises and online migrations. One of the most notable features of this tool is that there’s no limit on the amount of data you can transfer, and at the speed at which you can transfer that data.  

Additionally, ShareGate can migrate everything from files and documents to sites, subsites, lists, libraries, customized views and forms while preserving site navigation. Also, if things do not go according to the plan, the tool has a highly helpful error reporting and remediation recommendations feature. 


  • No limit on migration
  • Simple and easy-to-use user interface (UI)
  • Validation report post migration is generated;
  • Nintex friendly; and
  • Exceptional level of support offered.


  • Does not allow incremental data migration,
  • limitations in scheduling migrations and multiple users.

DocAve/Fly Migration (AvePoint)

AvePoint’s migration tools are built for migrations beyond SharePoint, which means it is highly versatile. One of its important SharePoint-friendly features is that it allows the content to be scanned before migration. It also allows for monitoring the content in real time. 

Additionally, like ShareGate, AvePoint can migrate everything from files and documents to sites, subsites, lists, libraries, customized views and forms. More importantly, AvePoint is a tool which possess the ability to migrate non-SharePoint data into SharePoint from sources such as Lotus Notes and Livelink. 

AvePoint is capable of facilitating farm-level migration, such as farm content, and the farm content database migration. while the Fly tool can handle delicate migration objects like permissions and content metadata.


  • scheduled migration;
  • no limit on migration volume;
  • pre-scan feature augments the quality of migration
  • drag-and-drop feature
  • migration security, and 
  • replication control 


AvePoint is not compatible with older versions of SharePoint.

Dell Migration Suite for SharePoint

Dell entered the SharePoint migration space with the acquisition of Quest in July of 2021. Dell’s migration tool suite can automate the migration process through its scheduling feature.  

One of its most distinguished features is its multithreaded migration engine, which provides it with multitasking capabilities, and that too at a faster pace. It is versatile, and makes validation easier by allowing metadata to be added during the migration process. 


  • Scheduled migration feature allows for automation
  • multiple migration modes
  • Well-designed drag-and-drop interface
  • can put together content together from multiple sources, and 
  • provides real-time migration progress report


  • troubleshooting when things go wrong is a tough nut to crack. 

Other than the ones mentioned above, there are other popular migration tools as well, including Microsoft’s own SharePoint Migration Tool (SPMT), MetaVis Technologies, Tzunami, and Metalogix to name a few. You can find more about these tools by studying them in detail on the net.


SharePoint migration makes a lot of sense as it offers easier access to data as well as ensures better data management. However, before you decide upon a particular tool, it is important to hire the services of a good SharePoint Development Company, as a reputable firm can develop a good migration strategy for you, and help you decide upon the best tool for migration. Happy Migrating.

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