Top 10 AWS Cloud Managed Services Provider in 2020
Cloud Managed Services

Top 10 AWS Cloud Managed Services Provider in 2020

AWS Managed Services is a collection of tools and services that automate infrastructure management tasks for Amazon Web Services (AWS) deployments. The main aim of this service is large enterprises that want to migrate on-establishment workloads to the public cloud and after that manage those burdens after migration.

Here we listed some top organization who provides you AWS Managed Services in 2020.


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A reliable AWS Partner backed by the experience in ITSM, DevOps, and other IT areas, ScienceSoft offers taking over your AWS-based IT infrastructure management.

We apply our expertise based on 30 years in IT to keep your AWS services and applications based on AWS stable, expenses optimized, and needed changes implemented promptly. ScienceSoft’s AWS managed services are designed to minimize your management efforts and provide you with complete transparency over our IT infrastructure management activities.

2. Bacancy Technology:

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We are offering a range of AWS cloud services that includes AWS cloud consulting, AWS cloud migration, AWS cloud infrastructure, and managed AWS services to optimize and manage the complex architectures on the AWS cloud. Being a globally renowned AWS Cloud Consulting Service provider, we have top-of-the-line expertise in migrating hundreds of websites effortlessly and flawlessly on the AWS server without any downtime. Leverage our DevOps, SysOps and SLA-driven cloud managed services on the AWS enterprise cloud platform.

Right from security management to SysOps, monitoring, performance, cost optimization, backups, and disaster recovery to operational architecture, our end to end AWS managed services make sure that your infrastructure is optimized for improved performance, scalability and security.

3. Cloudnexa:

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Whether you are looking to enhance business functionality or safeguard your data, we have you covered. Cloudnexa is dedicated to helping clients achieve their business and IT objectives with a range of solutions varying from cloud optimization to digital transformations.

4. Allcloud:

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We supply comprehensive managed services expertise, capability and manpower to help you achieve operational excellence on the cloud. Our proven methodology includes helping you set goals, thoroughly assessing your system and creating a custom game plan for on-boarding and managing your entire cloud environment. Our specialists resolve issues and incidents while avoiding repeat occurrences.

5. Missioncloud:

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You don’t want your production environment to go down at the worst possible time. Leverage our Managed AWS Cloud service, which provides comprehensive management and monitoring of your AWS cloud infrastructure, so you and your team can focus on growing your business.

Mission’s team of AWS-certified CloudOps Engineers are here to continuously monitor, maintain, and manage your infrastructure, so you can spend more time delivering value to your organization.

6. Smartronix:

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Free IT operators from the daily “run it” activities that do not add business value and allow them to focus on their mission and customers. Smartronix Cloud Assured Managed Services (CAMS) are audited, certified, and here to assure your operations stay available 24x7x365.

Smartronix CAMS delivers the flexibility customers need and demand from today’s cloud-managed service providers. We offer the ability to select services across our Core, Security, and Add-on Services, which enables and assures a Managed Services solution that meets unique customer needs.​

8. Accenture:

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Accenture is a qualified Alexa Consulting and Professional Services partner having proven capabilities in creating and delivering new voice-enabled devices and experiences.

Our unique value proposition includes being a global leader in consumer experience design, agile hardware development utilizing speed-to-value methodologies to enable rapid prototyping and user feedback, automated testing assets for pre-certification verification and priority access to Amazon AVS solution architects. We have more than 2,400 connected products and embedded software engineers who provide global scale and expertise to accelerate product development, expedite certification time and deliver on product launch dates.

8. Appsassociates:

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Our Managed Services help support a more diverse, complex enterprise application and technology portfolio while balancing competing business priorities of IT operations and innovation. We can help you stay focused on strategic, high-value activities while providing ongoing support and maintenance.

Apps Pack is our line of proprietary diagnostics and management tools for comprehensive control over the IT environment. Apps Pack provides streamlined efficiency through automation, real-time diagnostics, and consolidation of key managed services functions onto one easy-to-manage console. Designed for IT teams managing Oracle enterprise workloads, Apps Pack also offers integration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and other support tool APIs.

9. Arcusglobal:

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At Arcus we want to make a difference. We want to enable the public sector to use Cloud-computing is the most innovative and cost-effective way, to continue to deliver and improve their vital services.

We’ve got the expertise, skills and creative talent to continue to meet new challenges, always maximizing the latest technology to its fullest level.

10. Logicata:

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We leverage a suite of advanced tooling to ensure that your Amazon Web Services environments are cost-efficient, secure, and compliant. As a cloud-native managed service provider, we are free from the management of on-premise and data center IT infrastructure, ensuring that we can focus on helping you extract maximum value from your investment in public cloud technology.

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