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When one is using a video streaming app for watching a movie or series and if there is a lot of buffering in the video and the speed of the video is also slow, then the users of that video streaming app can get irritated and bored. No one will like to wait for the video to load every time; if it happens 1-2 times, there won’t be any problem, but people can leave your app if it happens continuously.

People who are fond of watching movies will expect the video streaming app to be fast and precise. The users’ expectations will never decrease; they will always increase with the facility and technologies 

The upcoming and new generation people are even expecting more with the technologies and applications that they use. So it is essential to hire the best Mobile app development company in the USA that will develop the latest and trending video streaming app with a faster loading speed.

Here are the tips to follow for developing a fast video streaming app:

  • Turn off competing devices
  • Check your network for intruders
  • Use an ethernet cable instead of Wifi
  • Move your router and devices
  • Choose a lower streaming resolution

Turn off competing devices

First, you have to know how many internet-connected devices you have at your home. The total number of devices in your house based on internet connectivity can cause an issue when you are watching Netflix or another video streaming device. 

Moving further, the use of smart devices is also increasing, which puts more strain on your bandwidth. In comparison, many devices are shallow and create very little network overhead. 

If you are having difficulty streaming on TV or laptop, check for the other devices that are using the internet. Is anyone already streaming and watching videos? Is a smart device running some high-quality video and using your bandwidth?

Check around in your house which device is using more bandwidth while streaming videos. 

Check the network for intruders

Along with checking your house for the devices that use a high bandwidth, you should also check for your network for any unexpected devices. 

If you are located where other people are using your wifi connection and your wifi password, there might be a lack of security, and someone might use your bandwidth. If your internet is being used by someone else, you will know why you have to struggle with video streaming.

Use an ethernet cable instead of Wifi

Cords and cables are not polished. They get in the way and can cause a trip risk. However, if you want amazing performance from your consumer-level hardware, cables are a must thing. Most gamers on PC will prefer wired peripherals such as a mouse and keyboard instead of wireless things to boost performance. 

An ethernet cable can offer a wired connection with your router and hardware when it comes to streaming videos. However, it can make a difference in using a wired connection instead of a wireless connection in video streaming quality. 

Move your router and devices

As it is impossible to use ethernet instead of wifi connection so moving your router is a good option. 

If you are using Wifi, then your wifi signal will struggle a lot for passing through thick walls and long-distance. It is possible to move your router closer to the device you are streaming on to boost your connectivity. 

For better speed, keep your router away from the thick walls, way from wardrobes, and place it somewhere the Wifi can pass through your entire house. 

Choose a lower streaming resolution

One of the easiest ways to improve your streaming speed looks like the most noticeable.

The decision you make to watch a video can make a massive difference to the amount of data your internet connection is trying to stream. The higher the resolution, the more data will be required. Not just that, but it must also be a logical stream of data to meet the high resolutions. 


If you are willing to make the best video streaming app with a high loading speed, you must go through this blog once and follow the tips to make a flawless video streaming application. 

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